Islamic Festival 2018

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Cultural and entertainment based on Islamic teachings resonated at the Islamic Festival 2018. The programme that hoped to educate the souls fostered the appreciation of Islamic values took place at the Sultan Badlishah Mosque, UUM on 22 April 2018.

With performance from the Hijjaz Nasheed Group and appearances made by Ustaz Syed Abd Kadir Syed Hussin Aljoofre, Dai Afiqah and Ustaz Shah Shanmuga, the programme reverberated with Charity Night with Hijjaz, The Night of the Prophet's Love, Muslimah that Heaven Seeks. A variety of exciting activities such as exhibitions, sales, stalls and food trucks also awaited the public and campus denizens.

The closing ceremony of the Islamic Festival 2018 was officiated by Deputy Defence Minister, Dato' Sri Mohd Johari Baharom.

According to him, effort such as this was important as it proved that Islam was not merely worshiped in mosques and musollahs but Islam complemented all aspects of human life both in the world and hereafter.

The UUM Islamic Festival 2018 programme became a platform to strengthen brotherhood as well as turn the mosque into an institution that would develop the progress of the ummah.

"The brotherhood is the pillar which becomes the foundation to the development of a strong Muslim society as well as to connect members of society.

"The bond of unity builds on the unity of Muslims and without unity, the progress of Muslims is threatened and can make Muslims unable to compete in this challenging time.

He further reiterated that Muslims were also threatened with external elements that can suffocate religious life through attacks on morals and thoughts.

To cope with this challenge, the main factor that had to exist was the union where various ways were used in finding the point of unity, one of the most basic religious factors.

"Islam binds the unity of Muslims with a single faith and aims to seek the pleasure of Allah and as Muslims, we must hold on to Islam and not to be divided.

"As the majority group in our country, this unity not only empowers identity, but also becomes the agent to the nation's prosperity consisting multi-ethnic people.

"This is because the unity of the people is based on the principle of upholding the command of Allah SWT, hence will give justice to all," he said.

Director of the Programme, Mr. Tamilarrasan Muniandy said the festival hoped to produce students who can balance the world and the hereafter besides providing them with a platform to foster leadership and entrepreneurial talent.

"We are often entertained with various forms of entertainment, this time we invite friends who are well-versed in Islamic arts and culture to entertain while presenting the audience with knowledge that they can use as guidance.

"With this programme, students are more attentive about the aspects of entertainment, art and culture that abide by Islamic guidelines in fostering relations amongst Muslims and non-Muslims," he said at the programme organised by UUM PERKIM Club and Islamic Centre.



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